A Few Connor Black Moments From Forever You..

“Yes, you are crazy, but you’re my crazy and don’t ever forget that,” I said as I kissed her on the tip of her nose.

She mentioned last night how she envisioned this painting as her future and I am going to make sure she gets it.

“Sleeping isn’t what I had in mind. We won’t be doing that for at least another three hours,” I smiled as I carried her to the bedroom.

I turned around and pressed my forehead against hers, “I know and I will, just not tonight.”

I took in a deep breath, “I love you Ellery Lane and I will protect you.”

This bracelet was perfect for her as she was perfect for me.

“I don’t care, you’ll still be just a beautiful,” I smiled.

I walked away and Denny looked at me smiling. “She’s a smart girl and she’s playing one hell of a game. Have I told you Connor how much I love Ellery?”
“Knock it off Denny,” I said as I shot him a dirty look.