Forever Us ~ Releasing 3 months from today!

“It’s ok, baby. I’m here with you, and I’ll get you through this. We’ve been through so much, and this is nothing.”
Her eyes flew open as if Satan himself took over. “Nothing! Did you just say this is nothing?!” she spat at me.
“Baby, you know what I mean.”
“Uh oh, I think someone’s in deep shit. If I were you, I’d get the hell out of here and run as fast as you can.” Peyton laughed.
I couldn’t say anything right. Everything I said was wrong and just pissed Ellery off. I got up from the bed and pulled my phone from my pocket. I had an idea that might help keep Ellery calm. I called up Claire and asked her if she could bring Ellery’s classical music CD and the small painting of the baby cuddled up in the moon amongst the stars. I would stand in the doorway of the nursery, late at night, and watch Ellery as she stared at that painting while rubbing her belly. One night I asked her about it.
“This is the fifth night you’ve been in here staring at that painting.” I smiled as I walked into the nursery and placed my hands on her shoulders.
She reached her hand up and placed it on top of mine. “I feel serene while looking at that painting. I’m not quite sure why, but I do. So, whenever I start to feel nervous or anxious, I come in here and it calms me down.”
Unedited and subject to change…Copyright Sandi Lynn 2013

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