Cover Reveal ~ The Upside Of Love

The Upside Of Love (Love Series, #2) Releasing early 2014..

You met Luke and Lily in Love In Between. You watched their story unfold as they each found love and trust in each other when they both thought it would never be possible. Friendships were bonded and a family was made.

Luke and Lily’s story carries on in The Upside Of Love. Secrets will be revealed, confrontations will be had, and someone from Lily’s past shows up unexpectedly.

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  1. Hi Sandi – I just read the Forever Trilogy within 2 days. I couldn't put it down – absolutely LOVED your writing style and the characters you've created and now I can't wait for Being Julia's release. While waiting, I jumped into Love In Between, which was just as wonderful. I was anxious to find out the release date to The Upside of Love, and came across this post. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am at the quality and quantity of books you've published in such a short amount of time. I am currently finishing my first book – a memoir, which is being published in Spring of 2014. Since it's taken me more than a year to complete, no one understands more of the type of dedication needed to complete one book, let alone five – it's remarkable. I look forward to reading anything you publish! You clearly found your calling!

  2. Your books are awesome!!! Love every one of them and can't wait for Upside of Love to be released!!

  3. Hey Sandi Lynn here in Brazil we love your books but have no publisher willing to publish. We would love you to them in bookstores.

  4. when is upside of love, being release, it says early 2014, it's April, please let us know.

  5. Please Release The upside of love very soon cant wait for this book any more ur readers love u plzzzzzzzz

  6. Please just realease The book I am completely obsesst with love in between and have read it at least 10 times , I can not wait any longer

  7. I know you are working on other things but it says release early 2014 and we are in the end of july when is it coming out cause I really want to read it

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