Being Julia (A Forever Novella)

My name is Julia, and I’m the daughter of Connor and Ellery Black. I may look like Daddy’s little princess, but I’m far from it. My life consists of lying to my parents and sneaking out of the penthouse. My CEO millionaire father seems to think that at the tender age of sixteen, I’m too young to date boys. My mother, the artist, tries to stay neutral and doesn’t say too much.
My best friend London and I hang out almost every day. We love to shop, and we  try to pick up all the bad boys that our parents wouldn’t approve of. We occasionally get into trouble, but I can usually talk my way out of it, except for the time my father caught me and Brody Sullivan  having sex in my bedroom.
This is the story of my journey through life, in which I try to figure out who I am, from the time of my sixteenth birthday until the day I marry the man of my dreams, Jake Jensen. My aspirations, dreams, hard work, defiance, and smart mouth are all woven into one thing – me, being Julia!

2 thoughts on “Being Julia (A Forever Novella)”

  1. Holy shit! I'm excited for this! I can barely hold my excitement for Forever Us and all of a sudden, this comes along??? Seriously, I love you, Miss Sandi Lynn. 🙂

  2. Don´t tell me the end!!!

    She is going to get married, and we alredy know with who 🙁

    I love all your books, Keep writing… please 🙂

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