1 thought on “LOVE, LUST & LIAM IS LIVE!”

  1. Sandi Hello, how are you?

    I would first like to thank you for being reading my email to the detriment of so many others.

    I would like to introduce myself: I am Tamiris Piglet, reader and blogger. I finished "Forever Black" yesterday, and I can say I'm in love with his writing and his work. "Forever You" is coming this month to Brazil and I'm looking forward. I liked his writing, the way the story develops and the characteristics that gave each character, leaving them only. In addition to a beautiful graphic work, which leaves us astounded. The Publishing House Valentina fulfilled the role to continue leaving the wonderful cover on our bookshelves.

    Sandi, I know your job is very demanding and you barely have time for anything, but as a fan, I would interview her to move to the Brazilian fans. My goal is to make a week dedicated to you on my blog, with a column talking about you, the reviews of both books already launched, an interview and a playlist created by me for the work. I believe that this will give a good disclosure in Brazil and will delight their fans. I'll talk to the Publisher Valentina (which is a partner of the blog) so we can arrange with other blogs disclosure and stay cool.

    But I can only do if accepted to give us this interview. It was thought hard and with different issues so they do not tire the reader. I'll be waiting for your reply with love.
    my e-mail: tamiris.segundo@gmail.com

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