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My phone dinged with a text message, and when I looked at it, I noticed it was from that same number as just a few moments ago. I lightly shook my head as I read it and a small smile crossed my lips.
“Someone sexting you?” Peter smirked as he walked into my office.
“Nah. I got this bizarre text message a few minutes ago. Here, read this.” I handed him my phone.
“And you’re sure this isn’t from one of the million women you date?” He laughed.
“I’ve never seen that number before in my life. So yes, I’m sure. Besides, I’m not an alcoholic, I have my life figured out, and I’m at the top, not the bottom.” I smiled.
“True. But you are an asshole and sometimes a motherfucker. So, she’s got that right.” He handed my phone back to me.