Baby Drama

Release Date: April 23, 2021

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There are two things you need to know about me: I’m very independent and I’m a genius. Literally, I’m a genius. At least that’s what my IQ score says. But even being a genius, mistakes are bound to happen. I am human, after all. It all started one night when a sexy billionaire bought me a drink and I accidentally tossed it all over his five-thousand-dollar suit. He tried to blame me, but in actuality, it was his fault because of his lack of respect for my personal boundaries. I offered to pay for the dry cleaning and gave him my number to let me know how much it cost. He did, and we ended up spending the night together. Long story short, the condom broke, I forgot to take my pill two days in a row and we mistakenly created a baby. I never planned on telling him about the baby until I lost my job, and my landlord turned the apartments I lived in into condos. He told me he couldn’t be a father, and I was okay with that. I didn’t need a man complicating my life. I was all set to embark on my journey as a single parent until…




The only thing I did was notice a beautiful woman and buy her a drink. A drink she carelessly spilled all over me and then had the nerve to say it was my fault. I forgave her because I wanted her. At least for one night. Maybe I should have just forgotten about her and thrown her number away. But I didn’t, and a mishap occurred during our one-night stand that resulted in a baby. I wasn’t father material, or maybe I was, but just didn’t want to be. The last thing I needed in my life was baby drama. I liked my bachelor life the way it was, and Jenna was cool with that. She made it clear she didn’t want me involved. I was all set to continue on with my life as if nothing happened until…