Five of a Kind (Kind Brothers Book 5)

Series: Kind Brothers Series #5
Release Date: April 8, 2022

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One letter that altered my life.
A fake birth certificate.
A father I never knew about.
And four brothers who were the same age as I was.

At thirty-three years old, I was the CEO of Sterling Capital, thanks to my uncle who took me under his wing and introduced me to the world of investing. He was somewhat of a father figure since my mother never married and told me my father was a stranger she’d met in a bar.

After the sudden passing of my mother, I found out who my father really was. A man named Henry Kind, whom she had a brief affair with all those years ago. A man who left her to start a family with another woman. I was his blood, his son, and he was going to know exactly who I was when the time was right. But I needed to devise a plan to work my way into my newly found family’s lives.

Buying a house down the beach from them was a start, and so was charming a beautiful woman who was close to them—a woman who was unbelievably sexy in so many ways. I’d use her to get to them, gain their trust, and take over my father’s company. The one thing I didn’t count on was falling for Jenni Benton in more ways than one. Then all hell broke loose after she’d found the letter my mother had left me.

I had two choices: either leave her and everything behind or stay and fight the war I started.

The thing about betrayal is that it will always come from those close to you. ~ Samuel Zulu

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