Love In Harbor Falls (Harbor Falls Series, Book 1)

Release Date: 01/06/24

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Never did I imagine that my four-year marriage would abruptly end after the revelation of my husband’s devastating secret. The emotional toll left me with no option but to move away from New York City and start over somewhere new.


Fate led me to Harbor Falls, a charming and serene town nestled in South Carolina. It was the perfect place to fulfill my dream of opening an art gallery and starting a new chapter of my life.  Unexpectedly, I crossed paths with Colin Young, a ruggedly handsome man who owned the Seaside Bar & Grille—a man who was also the town’s handyman.


Skilled at fixing things, he set out to mend my broken heart. But the question was: would I allow him to repair it, or would I let my past dictate my future?





No stranger to heartbreak, I spent the last two years healing my own wounds until Adalyn Richards entered my bar, instantly captivating me in a way I hadn’t experienced in a long time, if ever.


Adalyn relocated to Harbor Falls for a fresh start. She became the focus of my attention, and the more I got to know her, the more time I wanted to spend with her. Fully aware of her shattered trust in men, I was determined to show her that I was trustworthy and capable of mending her broken heart. Despite the challenges, I refused to give up until I made her mine.