Book Series: Kind Brothers Series

One of a Kind (Kind Brothers Book 1)


I made a promise not to sleep with my new personal assistant. Too late. I’d already slept with her before I knew Grayson, my human resources director, hired her. Long story short, we first met at a café when she let me have the last apple turnover. Then I saw her again that same night at a bar. She was incredibly sexy, and she wanted me as much as I wanted her. We both agreed it was a one-time thing, and she left the following day. Imagine the shock on both our faces when she showed up for work on Monday.

I wasn’t a relationship type of guy and for good reasons. Julia Benton had her own reasons why she wasn’t looking to get involved with anyone. So, continuing our sexual relationship was a win-win for both of us. But the more time we spent together, feelings I’d never felt before started to emerge. Then things became complicated, and she quit to pursue her dreams. I knew how much it meant to her, and I didn’t care. Now that I’d lost her, I wanted, no, I needed her back in my life, and I would do anything to make sure that happened.


He was the sexy and domineering man who wore an expensive suit. A man who cracked the hard shell I’d built around myself for the past four years. I wasn’t looking for someone to save me, but Sam unintentionally did just that. Then I was given a chance to pursue my lifelong dream. He tried to stop it from happening by showing me exactly who he was. My only focus now was starting the business I’d always wanted and leave Sam behind in the trail of a disaster he created between us. The problem was: he truly was one of a kind, and I had to use every bit of strength I had to forget him.

Two of a Kind (Kind Brothers Book 2)

A Sexy Single Dad/Nanny Romance


Rule number one: Do not pursue my daughter’s new nanny.

I had my reservations about hiring Alex Clark.
With her long brown hair and deep brown eyes, she was a beautiful woman.
I knew if I hired her and moved her into my home, the temptation to keep my hands to myself would be torturous.
But I was desperate, she needed a job, and my daughter liked her.

Rule number two: Stop imagining her body on top of mine.

Too late. Within a week, I’d broken both rules.
She was complicated, I was complicated, and now the situation was complicated.
I wasn’t a relationship type of guy and for good reasons.
Her dream was to find a man who checked off all her boxes.
Her person, hero, and knight and shining armor.
The man who would rescue her from the grips of her past.
I didn’t want to be that guy, or did I?

Three of a Kind (Kind Brothers Book 3)

Rule number one: Stop staring at my sexy new neighbor.

I couldn’t help it. When someone looked as good as she did, it was hard not to stare.

Rule number two: Do not sleep with my new sexy neighbor.

What can I say? Self-control wasn’t one of my strongest suits.

Rule number three: Do not, under any circumstances, fall for my new sexy neighbor.

I tried.

Emilia Gallo was damaged. A woman with a heart shattered into a million tiny pieces.

She moved to Venice Beach to start a new life. A life where her career came first, and men were off-limits. But the sexual chemistry between us was undeniable. I knew it, and she knew it.

It happened—more than once.

Now, I found myself in a complicated situation.

Was I ready to fight this war? Was I brave enough to go down the rigid road I swore I never would?

The Kind Brothers (Kind Brothers Series Book Six)

The family you have grown to love is back in book six of the Kind Brothers Series, told from multiple points of view.

Join Sam, Stefan, Sebastian, Simon, & Shaun as they navigate through life between their businesses, jobs, and the expansion of their family. Proposals, weddings, and unexpected surprises keep this family going strong. But when tragedy strikes, their lives will be altered forever, strengthening their already unbreakable bond.

You’ll also meet three new Kind men who blow into town. Jackson, Conner, and Nathan Kind are three sexy brothers/doctors who move to Los Angeles to open their medical practice.

Six of a Kind (Kind Brothers Book 7)


The day I found my wife in bed with a friend on our first wedding anniversary, I packed my bags, left, and never looked back. That was the day I promised I’d never get involved in another relationship again.

Nine years later, I had still held to my promise. I was a bachelor, living my life the best way I knew how between saving patients’ lives, hanging with my family, and having more one-night stands than a person should.

Then I met a woman in Cabo. A gorgeous and sexy woman that I’d been eyeing since I saw her sitting by the hotel pool. We spent one night together. What were the chances we’d ever see each other again? Slim to none, right? Wrong. She showed up at my medical center for an interview for the open OB/GYN position.

I didn’t want to hire her. I had my reasons—one being that she lied about her name when we’d met. But my brothers wanted her. The vote was two against one, and she was in.

Every time she looked at me with those seductive blue eyes, I was reminded of that night, and I hated her for the imprint she’d left on me.


Jackson Kind was an arrogant, self-absorbed neurosurgeon I shared one night with. I had no clue he was a doctor, and I would never have slept with him. My heart was already broken by one, and I swore off sex with doctors for life.

I should have walked out of the medical center when I found out he owned it because I couldn’t stop thinking about him since our night together in Cabo.

Every time he looked at me with those smoldering blue eyes, I hated him even more for how he made my body feel.

Seven of a Kind


My life was simple yet complicated, and Dr. Charlotte Roman knew it.

Our first encounter was when I left my phone in the shopping cart at Target. I called it, she answered, and I politely asked if she’d bring it to me. She had a few choice words to say before telling me to come and get it myself. When I did, she proceeded to psychoanalyze me. Even though she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, I couldn’t get away from her fast enough.

Relationships with women had always been an issue. They never worked out, so I stopped trying. Ever since birth, I experienced a loss that I carried through adulthood. The only way I could control my emotions was through my work as an orthopedic surgeon—to fix others who were in pain. Unlike my own, at least I could take theirs away.

Dr. Charlotte Roman, a clinical psychologist, was hired by my brothers for our medical center while I was at a medical conference. Imagine my surprise when I came back and saw who she was. I tried to stay away from her, but the magnetic pull she had kept me wanting to know more about her, both physically and emotionally.

Could she be the woman to rescue me? Or would my lifelong issues drive her away?


Dr. Conner Kind, Orthopedic Surgeon—God complex.

Need I say more?

Despite his overbearing sexiness, his genuine relationship with his patients, and his need for perfection, he used his work as a mask to hide the emotional damage he’d been dealing with his entire life. The last thing I needed was to get involved with a man like him, and it took all the strength I had to stay away—until he broke me.