The Property Brokers

Release Date: September 10, 2021

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Hiring the woman whose virginity I took when she was sixteen was not part of my life plan.

I thrive on chaos in which I breathe, eat, and sleep real estate deals. Then Bella Marcus blew into town and turned my perfect life upside down. I’d never forgotten her, and the distant memories of our night together on Maui's beach still haunted me. As hard as I tried to stop it, those feelings resurfaced the moment I saw her. But she wasn’t the shy young girl I met in Hawaii fourteen years ago. Instead, she was a gorgeous, intelligent, and independent woman who closed a deal in one day that I’d spent a year on. She was fierce, and despite her hating me for what I’d done, she agreed to come and work for my company. Now that she was back in my life, I would stop at nothing to get her to forgive me.




Grant Roman left me a broken-hearted sixteen-year-old girl after he failed to keep his promise to me—a broken promise that set up every self-sabotaged relationship I had with a man since him.


I left Los Angeles and moved to New York City when an opportunity arose that was too good to pass up. I thought I was over him, but you never forget your first true love. The handsome sixteen-year-old boy had evolved into a sexy thirty-year-old man, reigniting the heartache and cherished memories from our time in Hawaii. The spark was still there, but I wasn’t sure if I could forgive him.


All is fair in love and property.