The Upside Of Love (Love Series Book 2)

Series: Love #2
Release Date: November 5, 2014

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Luke Matthews and Lily Gilmore are back in the final book of the Love Series: The Upside of Love.


My life felt perfect alongside Luke, with our love, my booming photography business, and the promise of happily ever after. However, it all unraveled when Luke discovered a forgotten secret from my past, shattering him, me, and the foundation of our relationship.

Once again, my world came crashing down. Despite Luke's attempts to mend things, I found forgiving myself for the past impossible. How could he ever find it in his heart to forgive me?


Life was a dream. I had a woman I loved more than anything, and my bar was thriving beyond my wildest expectations. The revelation of something from Lily's past left me in shock, leading to words I never should have said and a sudden departure from her life. After some soul-searching, I realized my mistake and solemnly vowed to win her back.

The challenge was Lily holding onto a misconception that wasn't true, making the fight to bring her back into my life grueling. They say love has two sides: the downside and the upside. Lily was my upside, and I was determined to overcome any obstacle to reclaim the love that rightfully belonged to me.

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