Then You Happened

Series: Happened #1
Release Date: September 23, 2014

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Then You Happened is a romantic comedy where opposites attract with irresistible chemistry, relatable characters, laughter, feel-good vibes, banter, and plenty of tequila.


Following my father's passing, I assumed control of the family legacy. At twenty-eight, I was appointed CEO of Adams Advertising and Design, a powerhouse in the global market. My work and company were my life. I lived and breathed it daily to keep it successful because I had nothing else.

When my seven-year relationship abruptly ended with a voicemail from my boyfriend telling me he was never coming back from the trip he was on, it shattered me in ways I never imagined. I shut myself off emotionally, vowing to engage with men strictly on my terms—no strings attached, no complications, and certainly no heartache.

But life took an unexpected turn when Cameron Cole entered my world after I hired him to renovate my Hollywood Hills home. His looks, rugged charm, and genuine demeanor ignited an undeniable chemistry between us. Despite our differences, with only our shared birthday in common, he embraced simplicity while I reveled in luxury and designer labels. Yet, the more time we spent together, the walls I had built around my heart began to crumble in the face of an undeniable connection, leaving me scared and confused.


Sierra Adams left me utterly speechless from the moment our eyes met. She enchanted me in ways I had never experienced before, turning my simple life upside down. Coming from a small town in North Carolina, I knew I was out of her league, but that didn't deter me from pursuing her. While she immersed herself in the world of work, designer labels, and tequila, I led a quiet and uncomplicated life as a remodeler.

Despite our differences, we entered into a friends-with-benefits arrangement, as Sierra adamantly refused anything more. Yet, as time passed, my feelings for her deepened, and I fell in love. I was determined to show Sierra that life was more than work and material possessions.

Though the journey wouldn't be easy, I would do whatever it took to win her heart and prove that I was worthy of being hers.

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