Remembering You Epilogue

Two years later, Sam and I were married in a small ceremony that consisted of his mom, Cal and the new friends we’d made in Seattle. I’d undergone the surgery that Dr. Benjamin suggested and every day, the headaches became far and few in between. I never did get all of my life memories back, but it didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered to me were the few memories that surfaced of me and Sam before the accident. We were happy and created new memories that would last us a lifetime.

Sam’s mom and Cal had grown closer since Sam moved to Seattle and before we knew it, they both moved to be closer to us. Sam and Cal partnered up and opened their own auto repair and restoration shop and Sam’s mom took on a nursing job at the local hospital. As for me, I ended up taking some classes at U of W and writing a book about my experience as an amnesia victim. My book soared to the top of the charts becoming a bestseller within a matter of weeks. My story had spread around the world and before I knew it, I was doing interviews for various magazines and TV shows. People were fascinated about our story and I didn’t hold back about what my family had done to keep Sam and I apart. I hadn’t spoken to my family or friends since that day and I never once regretted it.

Two years after we were married, Sam and I welcomed our first child into the world. A baby girl we named Ashley Marie Snow. Two years later, we welcomed our second child into the world, Christian Samuel Snow. Our life was perfect. A life I never dreamed I would have after the accident.

I believe in the immeasurable power of love, that true love can endure any circumstance and reach across any distance.

~Dr. Steven Maraboli

When it’s time for souls to meet, there’s nothing on Earth that can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each may be located.