When I’m With You

Release Date: April 14, 2016

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Previously Titled She Writes Love.


One meeting that changed the course of two people's lives when they least expected it.




Following a personal tragedy, the idea of experiencing love again seemed impossible. I shut myself off emotionally, immersing myself in my work and living life as I wanted. During a meeting, I crossed paths with Ben, a man who understood my pain. His handsome looks, rugged charm, and humor sparked our undeniable chemistry. The idea of opening my heart again filled me with fear, compelling me to confront the very thing I’d spent the last year hiding from and paving the way for a fresh chapter in my life.




After experiencing a personal tragedy, it was difficult for me to return to everyday life. I buried myself in my work as a firefighter and as a craftsman on the side. I had no interest in love or relationships until the night I met Paisley, a beautiful woman with whom I felt an instant connection.  Being with her made me feel like my life could return to normalcy. I was grateful for the second chance fate had given us, and I was determined to make Paisley see that we were meant to be together.