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They call me a hero. Every day I risk my life to save others, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Fighting fires is my passion and a job I love more than anything in the world. There is no better feeling than the adrenaline that rushes through me when I step inside a burning building. The one thing I’m not is a hero in the eyes of the women I sleep with. I’m nothing more than a one-night stand and a confirmed bachelor who happily walks away the next morning. Even a hero can be a womanizer and a partier.

Challenges are my specialty, and  I thrive on them. My newest challenge is a beautiful and sexy doctor named Sara Davis. She’s complicated, but so am I. I was willing to break my one-night stand rule for her until my past came back to haunt me, reminding me why I had become the man I am and why I chose never to find my happily ever after.

My name is Mason Wolfe, and I am the third Wolfe brother.