Damien Prescott


My name is Damien Prescott, and I had the kind of life most men only dream of. I ran a successful company, had millions of dollars to my name, and had the company of beautiful women at my disposal any time I snapped my fingers. My work and money were the only things that mattered to me. I was a shark in the advertising world and people often told me I was impatient, rude, and arrogant. Did I care? No. I was a workaholic and reaping the rewards every day. Then I unexpectedly met this beautiful annoying woman. She got under my skin and drove me crazy. Her views on life were so different from mine. She was irresponsible and we were complete opposites, but that didn’t stop the feelings that started to emerge inside me. She was only in New York for one month and I found myself wanting her to permanently stay.

My name is London Everly and I traveled around the country seeing and doing the things I’d dreamed of since I was a kid. I wasn’t running and I wasn’t hiding. I was just experiencing the gifts and beauty that life had to offer. I was on my way to New York when I unexpectedly met a handsome man with many flaws. He was rude, arrogant, uptight, egotistical, cocky, and a major workaholic. He couldn’t appreciate what life had to offer because the only thing he focused on was wealth. But even though he was all those things, it didn’t stop the feelings I developed for him, unexpected feelings that I couldn’t allow. I had a secret and it would be easier on both of us if he never found out. But he did…