Men. They all come from the big genetic whirlpool of dysfunction central and their brains are all wired the same when it comes to women.

“I’ll text her when I get around to it, in a day or two. Three if she’s lucky.”
“Maybe I’ll call her in a few days. Wouldn’t want her to think we were getting too close.”
“I like her, but she isn’t a top priority, or even a middle priority. She’ll be there when I choose to get in contact with her. I’m not worried.”

From one failed relationship after another, I made it my mission to get inside the heads of men to find out what really made them tick when it came to pursuing a woman. My goal was to help women take their lives and their power back when the guy they liked behaved badly. I wanted to empower them by teaching the concept of #Delete.

Did the guy you like suddenly “Ghost” you? #Delete.
Did it take him two weeks to reply to your text message which involved you asking him a question? #Delete.
Did he promise to call you in a day or two and then went MIA?” #Delete.
Did the two of you have a scheduled date and he cancelled thirty minutes before it was about to happen? Or worse yet, not show up at all? #Delete.

My name is Eloise Moore and this my story of how #Delete and one nasty text message sent to the wrong number changed my life forever.

#Delete is a stand-alone novel told in two POV’s: Eloise Moore & Christian Blake.