Perfectly You



I first saw Charlotte Foster on the sidewalk in Seattle when the contents of her purse were scattered on the cement. Bending down, I offered my help, and when she looked up, a bolt of lightning tore through me. She was sobbing and a complete mess, yet the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. That night, I saw her again at a bar. She was alone and very intoxicated. I helped her into a cab and made sure she got home safely. After putting her to bed, I left a note, walked out the door, and headed back home to Los Angeles. Imagine my surprise when she showed up for an interview at my architect firm one month later. Her world had crumbled and she was searching for a fresh start. I wanted to be her fresh start and convincing her that we were meant for each other was going to be the toughest challenge of my life.


My perfect life was shattered by a simple phone call, and in a split second, my world came crashing down around me. After a night of heavy drinking and bar hopping, I awoke the next morning to a note from a man named Jake explaining how he made sure I got home safely. Little did I know that the man who helped me on the sidewalk that day and home from the bar that night, would be my new boss when I moved back to Los Angeles. He was oh so sexy and the nicest man I’d ever met. Falling for him was easy, but my fears and mistrust kept me in check. He saved me on more than one occasion, and being the hot mess I was, I needed to save him from me.