Being Julia Teaser

Being Julia ~ Releasing 12/17/13

“Both of you sit! Now!” I commanded as I pointed at the table.
They looked at each other and walked over to the table and sat down. I set two glasses on the table and poured the cocktail into each one. I slid a glass over to my mom, and I slid a glass over to my dad.
“But,” my dad started.
“No buts. Now drink it up.”
My parent’s looked at each other as they picked up their glasses. “Gee, I can’t imagine where she gets her attitude from,” my dad said to my mom.
She made a face at him as she held up her glass. “Cheers!”
I walked over to the coffee pot and poured three cups of coffee as I began my speech.

“We need to discuss the events of last night and how you embarrassed me. What were you thinking? Not only were you behaving like love-sick teenagers, you were drunk on top of it. Do you know how that looked in front of Jake? Do you have any idea how humiliated I was and how I had to apologize for your erratic behavior? Who’s the adult here? Because I know it’s neither one of you,” I said as I waved my finger at them.

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