1 thought on “A Beautiful Sight”

  1. I loved this book. It was wonderful to see the female who was blind be so strong, self sufficient and all vulnerable at the same time. Her male character was someone who you grew to love with his own insecurities and inability to commit. This is an interesting love story because of the female characters blindness and how she circumvents thru life until she meets the untouchable man. Also, thought it was great the a lot of though was put into what goes into to being blind, the prejudice, the harshness of people and showing us a whole new way of looking at life. But what can I say, that is what I have come to expect from Sandi Lynn and she never disappoints. This is a book that touched my heart in a special way but all her books find a different spot in my heart. Thank you Sandi for your beautiful writing.

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