Release Date: June 18, 2021

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Her name was Ellie Scott, and she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I was speechless the moment she looked at me when her stunning emerald eyes met mine. It felt like time had stopped, and suddenly, all was right in my disheveled life.

We lived in different worlds. Mine was a world of hearing, and hers was a world of silence. The chemistry between us was undeniable. We used sign language to communicate, and she had quickly become my everything. But I faced two problems: the secret I held and my family.

I was born a Walker and came from a family of wealth and status. My parents would never approve of or accept her, and my mother would stop at nothing to keep us apart. They underestimated me because I would give up everything to be with her.

Then everything was destroyed when my ex-fiancée showed up with some news that threatened to tear us apart.

My life was finally right, and I wouldn't let anyone or anything destroy it.





Navigating relationships had always posed a challenge for me. I supposed I was waiting for the perfect man to walk into my life. Henry Walker embodied that perfection—irresistibly attractive, sweet, and kind.  His love for me was unconditional.

Our connection was flawless. The chemistry we shared was beyond measure. However, there was something he never told me. After his mother tracked me down and set out to hurt me by divulging his secret, my perfect world and heart were shattered. I cut all ties with Henry Walker and never wanted to see him again.

In a bid to mend what he had broken, Henry initiated a plan to bring us back together. But the question that lingered in my mind was if my love was strong enough to forgive him—only time held the answer.